What is your true calling?

What is the gift you must give to the world before you die in order to feel satisfied that you lived a full life?

If you don't know your purpose in life and you want to uncover it or, you know and you want to be supported in fulfilling your mission visit us.

The Men's Circle is a group of men committed to supporting each other in living our purpose. We meet weekly on Wednesdays in San Francisco and in Berkeley, usually at Ocean Beach or in a park around a fire.  We also have a team that meets consistently online, so while we are primarily based in the bay area, men are able to join from anywhere in the world.

Being part of The Men's Circle is free, other than an occasional, low-cost contribution for securing firewood or a campground.

"Admit to yourself that if you had to choose one or the other, the perfect intimate relationship or achieving your highest purpose in life, you would choose to succeed at your purpose."


–from The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida

Men transform through the process of brotherly support we offer. Examples:

"I was a bit skeptical of The Men’s Circle at first, because I had done a lot of personal development work and the whole idea seemed a bit new-agey to me. However, after attending a couple evenings, I discovered that it provided a unique brand of no-bullshit inspiration, encouragement, support, accountability, and depth that fundamentally changed my life. It made me a much more powerful man, in my business, in my marriage, and in the mirror."

––Mark Michael Lewis

"Before joining TMC, I was already very balanced between my masculine and feminine sides. Once I started spending time with just men, in an intentional way, I gained the ability to be either more masculine, or more feminine, depending on what the situation requires. I have more freedom now and that's been helpful in my work, and also in my romance with my wife."


"As a result of having been in The Men's Circle, I have grown up and now know what it is to be a Man.  Old boyhood notions of Manhood have been transformed and discarded. I am clear about my Purpose and have claimed my rightful place as a Man in family, career, community, relationships and the world.  The Men's Circle has been one of the most transformative experiences of my life."

––Dennis Castro

"In 6 years at The Men's Circle, I've gotten four enormously valuable things:

1. Direct, clear, clean feedback on my behavior and way of being;

2. Steady, unbending encouragement and support to pursue my dreams;

3. Reliable reflection of my strengths and (almost always reliable) support when I need it;

4. A safe place to release and confront my demons.

All for free, requiring only my own commitment to show up for myself and others."


"About eight years ago, a business acquaintance told me he was in a men's group that helped men 'find and live their purpose.' I thought I'd benefit by adding purpose to my life so I attended and joined. The men were daunting: impressive, insightful, authentic and vulnerable. I wanted that too. I've grown in areas that I had never expected: communication with my wife, candor across the board. I keep growing, so I keep attending."

––James K. Lewis

"My life is unrecognizably better today than it was when I stepped up to The Men's Circle five years ago. I know my purpose and have completed the book I was put on this planet to write. I'm empowered in all areas of life, including health, finances, and showing up powerfully in intimate relationships."

––Matthew T.

Many of our members have completed the projects of their dreams. Examples include: a campaign to register hundreds of thousands of new voters; debuting a well-attended photography show; launching a musical career; workshops that empower clients in financial mastery and estate planning.

Although we're happy to discuss the many benefits of participation, we don't disclose details about what any man says or does during Circle. Confidentiality is crucial so that every man feels can safely express himself. Read more about us in the San Francisco Chronicle, which includes non-confidential details such as the fact that we meet around a fire.

If you are interested in finding out about this kind of authentic men's work, go ahead and

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